Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Flicked Mind is playing for Meet The Band gig too!

My other performance! :D

Sunday, August 03, 2008

I am cursed

I think i am cursed to be playing in bands..

I seriously dun understand why am i so attached to band?! I never see a live band in my whole life until i am 19 but since i'm 15, i vowed to have a band and that is the MAIN reason why i wanna study music. Yeah, if my mum knows tat, she'll kill me..

Nobody influenced me, Nothing started the trigger. I just... cant help it :( I even got into serious depression after my first band disbanded.. and i nearly broke up with my BF... sigh...

Passion... yeah, i think thats the only word to use... I have the greatest passion and faith in band than any other people i have known so far... I will die if i stop playing band. And i hate that feeling, trust me. I do.

Well, for those who feel like havin a band or just wanna try out having own band just because it looks cool or fun or just out of curiosity.. yeah, try it~ wont do you any harm..

But dont forget that u will reach a time that either your band members dislike the way you do stuff, or they think they are so great and have attitude problems and do not commit themselves in band... You will know exactly how hard it is to form a band. Unless u just wanna take it as a hobby or to kill ur time. (The above are from the point of view of a band leader)

Yeah, having a band is a big responsibility. For me, it is like having a second BF, if u already have one, or having a pet. It's a huge responcibility. For me, it's not just for fun.

Because i am serious about it and it took a big part of my life.

For those who understand how i feel, welcome to the cursed island. For those who think it's dramatic and overboard, your passion is just not enough.

Because i dont just blutter out the stuff in my head. I do what i promised myself and the people around me, i dont give empty promises, i work hard and i aim high.

Still, its better be safe than sorry.

Choose the correct partner before u work with them, Do not fool around and waste people's time :D

Good luck!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My cat!!!

Well, God knows that i need a pet to keep my day going, or take the stress away...

He/ She, sorta gave me the wrong pet -,-''

I'm a dog lover honestly,

But he gave me a CAT instead.... with a dog's size and personality -,-''

How sweet...

Ehem, but certainly..


His name is...
芼 芼 (pronounce as MAO3 MAO3, means fur in chinese)

The reason i name him this is because of his fur... -,-''

It's really.... everywhere~

And i am so lucky that i found him... He's an expensive breed btw...

Cost bout RM2700.. i saw one the same breed as 芼 芼 in a pet shop... so damn expensive.. i can sell him and buy a new hp! wahhaha.. (shld i?hmmm...)

Well, as u can see, i dun have a fancy high tech phone that can capture pictures so i have to steal other ppl's picture of their lovely cats...

But my cat look exactly the same as the picture i posted down there.. expect for the fur.. its superrrr long, like a Persian XD

This is 芼 芼 when he is moody/ sleepy
This is 芼 芼 when is is pissed... although he seldom do that..
And this is 芼 芼 when he is happy! Purr Purr Purr whole day... :P
This is 芼 芼 when he is sleepy... OMG, damn cute!!
British Short hair's most appealing features is the built-in smile caused by the round prominent whisker pads. This smile was never displayed better than in Lewis Carroll's Cheshire cat; originally a tabby British Shorthair.
Description of a British "Blue" Shorthair:A very sturdy and strong cat with a body shape that is almost square, since they are almost as broad as they are long in length. Like a bull dog, a British Blue Shorthair has thick, short legs on a heavily muscled body. With broad shoulders and powerful hips, the British is affectionately referred as the body builder or bull dog of the cat fancy.The head of a British Shorthair is very massive, broad, and round.
Temperament: British Shorthairs are very affectionate, quietly following you from room to room until they can settle contentedly by your side. Gifted with lasting patience and confidence, Brits are especially good with children and other types of pets. A moderately active cat, they are not destructive as a breed, adapting well to any size household. British are very easy going and are affectionate to numerous people in the circle they consider family.Most breeders recommend feeding a British a high-quality dry food.
My cat is about this size nw... 4.5 KG -,-'' eat aaaaaaa lot!! I am going bankrupt soon...

But i think soon he will turn into this.....

Some other colours...NIce :D

Next time if u are thinking of having a cat...

Try this breed... u wont regret XD

Except for the cost of food la.. they eat aaaaaaaa lot >.<"

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Some random thoughts

There are lots of misunderstanding around my friends just because they posted some of their private thoughts to blogger and bla bla bla... u knw the story la..

I just dun understand why ppl got so worked up sometimes because of all these... well, if u feel that it is offensive, or even talking bout u, just dun click on the blog and read it la! haiyo~ is it that difficult?

PERSONALLY, i just feel that people have the tendancy to gossip. I think God somehow put some hormone or gene into human that ppl just cant help to gossip (I mean most of the ppl la, not EVERYONE). From wat i've observed from my friends so far.. i noticed that most of my friends like to talk about ppl, and most of the time, trash-talking bout someone he or she knows just because they ran out of topic to talk to each other. And, it is obviously effortless to capture the person's attention since gossiping is such a fun stuff to do and hence, the two individuals will have lots of talk about and eventually become close to each other. By trash-talking someone they know at the back. I wonder why? There are soooooooo many things u can talk bout, Life, Pet, Food, Movies... pttfff~ nvm, u got the idea..

Well, another thing. Posting up ur private feelings or trash talking bout ppl u knw (with or without puting the name on), will not solve any problem. For example, i used to write bout my feelings on my blog, especially about my relationship when i feel really bad and hope that someone will come and comfort me and stuff. Yeah, they will be ppl comforting me and stuff but they are just not my BF. And deep down inside me, i knw that the only person who can help me feel better is my BF because he's the trigger to all the emotions i was having. And most importantly, he stops reading my blog when i started using it as a media to complain. So, its useless. The most effective way to deal with it is to lay it out on the table and talk to the person concerned! Hmm...

Well, above are the experiences and opinions i have. So, dun get offended and stuff like that (really worried after seeing what my fren gone thru O.o")

So... ciaoz!

Oh ya, come support my gig!! hehehehe

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Namo amitabha....


I just... dissected a fish (for my lunch).. for the very first time in my life~!!


Imagine i have to do this....

And this!!?

Ok.. mayb this is not really persuasive cos i cant find any really disgusting pictures on net...

But well, due to the fact that i felt the fish is actually staring at me...

I ripped off its head before i start cutting the stomach open..


I think i gonna be vegetarian soon

*gulp ~_~*